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Allergan Health-Care Inc

Document ID: A7041-0OTB Posted on: 01/29/2013 Job Type: Regular

Job Schedule:Full-time
Hourly Wage: $9 -- $12

Administrative Assistant

Job Summary:
The Admissions Officer and Events coordinator is responsible for accurately and positively representing the college. Provides and maintains support for Admissions Department and the Director of Admissions. Responsible for daily, weekly, monthly, and annual reports.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities: 

Supporting & Assisting the Admissions Department in all manners of relations with prospective students, current students, faculty, staff, alumni and community including:

Administrative Support:

• Assisting in creating and maintaining Admissions Calendars of Events.
• Maintain and Organize Admissions documents: Event Procedure Manuals, hard files (in cabinet) and computer files in Admissions Drive

➢ Print and the Adminese, Activity Report and Budget Reports for DoA only

• Track Website for event updates and HTML event corrections.
• Schedules and meets regularly with the DoA to communicate details of job duties, events and project expectations.

Responsible for Reports including:
• Daily Lead Audit Reports
• Weekly Adminease Reports 
• Rep Weekly Run Rate Reports 
• Reporting Statistics for the Weekly Semester Report to the Admissions Support at the Chicago Campus
• Weekly Metric Comparison Report
• Demographic Final Report
• Lead Gestation Final Report
• Final Numbers Report 
• Lead Source Reports
• Sorting Data Reports
• Representative Lead Call Lists
• Other misc. reports requested by DOA for the purpose of tracking, cultivating and following up on business.

Representative Support:

• Greeting prospective students who have an appointment, if their representative is unavailable. Touring the student around the campus or to Financial Aid.
• Assists in scheduling interviews for representatives when needed
• Transfer incoming informational calls to appropriate representatives. 
• Phone calls to prospective and current students to verify and update information when needed. May include, phone calls to remind prospective students about the New Student Orientation time and date.
• Field calls from ESM or reception while representatives are in interviews or meetings.

Outreach Event Planning, Preparation and Participation

• Coordinating, preparing materials and set up for Outreach Events:

➢ Open Houses/Admissions Events
➢ Health Fairs and annual Healing Arts Festival
➢ Special Events 

• Maintains and update list of college and high school counselors in Market Master.
• Set up and preparation of Chinese New Year Saturday Event with Admissions Support. 
• Set up and preparation of Teas (Open House) with Admissions Support. 
• Set up and preparation of Information Session Evening Events with Admissions Support.
• Set up and preparation of New Student Orientations with Admissions Support.
• Set up of Post-Event Admissions meetings to go over details of the outcome of each event and it can be improved.
• Maintains an Excel spreadsheet tracking the results of each Event for the purpose of follow-up and knowledge of successful events.


• Maintains a clean, orderly and attractive work area
• Represents the college positively, both during work hours and after at all times
• Maintains awareness of "Team" in working with all our customers: students, faculty, patients, and each other.

Performance Evaluation Criteria:

Evaluated verbally and/or in writing by the Admissions Department Head according to the following professional criteria:

➢ Knowledge of areas of responsibility
➢ Productivity
➢ Initiative
➢ Quality of work 
➢ Cooperation 
➢ Dependability 
➢ Orderliness
➢ Ability to troubleshoot and create solutions
➢ Positive Attitude



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