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Document ID: A7280-1J38 Posted on: 07/17/2013 Job Type: Regular

Job Schedule:Full-time

Web Designer


Web Designer

Destwin, LLC. provides web-based business applications on the DESTWIN Web Application Platform, a LAMP-based (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) platform for the rapid implementation and deployment of hosted business applications. Destwin, LLC. is looking for web designers who meet the following requirements:


  • Extensive knowledge of and experience with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), such as those used on the site ''
  • Ability to layout and style database driven websites with dynamic content
  • Knowledge of the techniques required to overlay different styles (skins) on a generic website used for multiple applications.
  • Ability to work with developers generating style-free content using PHP and similar tools.
  • Basic knowledge of AJAX programming techniques.
  • Graphic skills necessary to design logos, process photos, and provide other graphical elements required for websites
  • Ability to create page layouts that support the functional requirements of complex interactive web pages
  • Ability to understand the business processes and workflow requirements of complex web-based applications, and design web pages and web navigation features to meet such requirements.
  • Willingness to work in a development environment primarily hosted on Linux

The successful candidate will be capable of working in a small-company environment with minimal supervision, and will accept responsibility for planning, managing, and implementing functional modules effectively and on schedule. Successful implementation will require that the candidate's designs are compatible with the current application software, and that the candidate can work with the application software developers to enhance and update the application software.

Please submit your resume to
Or to
887 Suite D Main Street
Monroe, CT 06468.
No telephone responses. Principals only.


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